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Real Estate is one of the major thrust areas of the Corporation. We has executed a number of commercial real estate projects at various major towns of the country viz. Delhi, Chidambaram, Tuticorin, Chennai, Yelagiri, Courtrallam, Sri Lanka, Trissur, Kerala, Trichy, Andarmadam etc. To provide quality housing to Government and Public Sector employees as also to the general public, the Corporation has, of late, started its venture into residential real estate sector.

We have completed around 174 projects within a span of 8 years, which includes Residential Bungalows, Commercial complexes, Shopping malls, Guest homes, Multi storied apartments, Industrial buildings, Service stations, Cine studios, Disco clubs, etc,.  We are listing out the few of our valuable clients as follows. A few more mega Housing Projects are also to be launched in near future.

we are honored and received the following awards for the outstanding performances in this industry.

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